School uniforms are distributed to all of the children who attend the Uppahar childcare programs, the Uppahar Student Care Centers (USCC) and Tutoring (Coaching) Centers (TC). These programs are conducted for children from lower income sections because their parents are illiterate, having less knowledge to teach their children and educate them with right knowledge and wisdom. It is a great help for the parents as their children have at least one uniform outfit to put on and regular food to eat at USCC. It is not only a help to the parents, but also it helps and motivates the children to create interest to go to Schools and Tutoring Centers regularly. Every year these uniform outfits are largely distributed to more than six thousand children in the target areas of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. These distribution programs were held in various places during the Academic year with the help of local government officers BDO, Revenue officers Tahsildar etc.


UPPAHAR is a Charitable and volunteer organization, providing a perfect balance in academics, sports, cultural, creative and social opportunities in the field of community development.