Seeing the needs for individual support of those who are deficiently sufferings, Uppahar began to support single individuals during their time of need for education, health issues etc.

1. There have been two children in severe sickness (Litu and Sonu) where Uppahar extended its helping hand for their medical treatment and operation.

2. For a blind young man named Ramesh Uppahar granted financial aid for his college admission, books in blind-print, cassette player with cassettes etc. He is a good student but his parents could not afford to continue his higher education. Uppahar extended support for his further education.

3. Rubi was the wife of one of our staff CDO who dramatically expired at a very young age. Rubi became a widow at the age of 20. Uppahar supports her regularly with a fixed deposit for the better future of her semi-orphan daughter Susanna. Presently Susanna needs support for her study every month and she is diagnosed with sickle cell disease.


UPPAHAR is a Charitable and volunteer organization, providing a perfect balance in academics, sports, cultural, creative and social opportunities in the field of community development.