" Utilise People's Potential Action for Humanities And Research"(UPPAHAR), is a Charitable and volunteer organisation. It started with a vision of creating safe and supportive environment for the people & groups in its target region - providing a perfect balance in academics, sports, cultural, creative and social opportunities in the field of community development. And to build every individuals to be an ultimate and responsible citizen of India.


Providing Care and Support to under privileged students and their families. Served Food and Ration supplies to thousands of jobless families during COVID19 pandemic . Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.   

Community Welfare

UPPAHAR helps with a little regular pension for 85 poorest of the poor widows in our target area who are no longer getting any support from their families.

Student Care Centers

UPPAHAR helps students in after school studies and activities. Provides evening meals, School uniforms and bags, Class text and note books. 

Special Children Care

CARE & SUPPORT for Children with AUTISM, ADHD and learning disabilities. Helping students to understand daily activities and respond.

Uppahar India

Uniform Distribution

School Uniform distributed to all children attending the direct run Uppahar childcare program i.e. Day Care Centre's (DCC) and Coaching Centre's (CC) . Learn more...

Autism Care Center

CARE & SUPPORT for Children with AUTISM, ADHD and learning disabilities. Training social and life skills to AUTISM children. An environment to inculcate good manners . Learn more...


UPPAHAR, provides food and ration supplies to job less daily wage workers, Leprosy patients, poor people living in slums, migrating labor, families of disabled children. Learn more...

  1. NATURAL CALAMITIES - Calamities befall on people unexpectedly. It is the victimised person who bears its unusual feelings. The natural calamities are unexpected but always caused by natural forces, it is unnatural and sad that in the communities, religions, castes and cultures conflict together. Such disasters leave situations and people with tense, shock and loss of precious people and things they labour hard to collect for their families and children future. Whenever these problems arise UPPAHAR is always committed to reach the spot, meet the victims and help with compassionate heart. Many time Andhra Pradesh and Orissa was hits with natural calamities every year such Phailin, Hud Hud, etc.  Read More....
  2. COVID 19 PANDEMIC - COVID 19 out break in INDIA has made INDIAN Govt to indefinite shut down of the whole country in 24 hours notice. This made a devastating effect among migrated lobour across INDIA. The whole transport network has been halted and thousands of daily wage workers and skilled labour have lost their jobs. During this un presidented  shutdown UPPAHAR stood with these helpless people, served them food and ration supplies every month till the UNLOCK. Read More..
  3. STUDENT DEVELOPMENT CENTERS - We provide the children in Day Care Centre's with a healthy environment with nutritious balance diet. Provide the children from primary-school to Degree level education as well skills training etc. We employ trained teachers who give lessons on 6 days a week i.e. Monday to Saturday. Also Physical education play a vital role to keep all of them fit and sound in mind. Read More...
  4. CHILDREN HOMES - Girls and boys are away from their village to UPPAHAR Children's Home. The vision of UPPAHAR is picked up the Marginalized children from the target communities and give them English Medium Education, UPPAHAR focus to give safe environment and good education to especially girl children so that they will become the bread winner for their families one day.
  5. REHABILITATION FOR PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY CHALLENGEDUPPAHAR, is committed to care and support of differently abled individuals by providing them rehabilitation programs. 
  6. HEALTH CAMPS - The Free Health Camps are organized in the rural areas where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene. So, through these programs people are given various tips on health issues. Besides these, basic health problems and sicknesses are diagnosed provided with free medicines. The program is conducted in its targeted area with the help of doctors from the government (PHC) or private hospital. In fact, these programs have been great benefits to many such peoples every year who could not reach to the nearest local hospitals.


Serving INDIA since 2000 with an utmost commitment towards needy and helpless people.

Uppahar india students



UPPAHAR provides Love n Care to 2500 students in Odisha, Andhra and West Bengal,



UPPAHAR is running Hostels and Day care centers in Odisha and Andhrapradesh for the poor citizens of INDIA.



UPPAHAR INDIA has organized hundreds of Relief distribution programs for underprivileged and uplifted their lives 



UPPAHAR is a Proud Indian NGO to have thousands of beneficiaries in its 21  years of faithful Service to man kind. 

UPPAHAR COVID19 Response  

Ration Distribution Program to Job less daily wage workers and migrated construction workers.


I am physically handicapped due to Polio and living with my family and other 2 family members are also challenged. UPPAHAR Project gives a great support to me and my family. Thank you.. 

My Father is a painter, he has lost his job in COVID19 lock down. My father is the only bread earner in my family. We didn't have money and food to survive. We received ration supplies from UPPAHAR.

During COVID19 lockdown my father has lost his job. I have been sent to my grand parents to live with them. Our situation is very bad and we didn't have food to survive. We received help from UPPAHAR.  


UPPAHAR is a Charitable and volunteer organization, providing a perfect balance in academics, sports, cultural, creative and social opportunities in the field of community development.