Saturday, January 22, 2022
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                      SAFE DRINKING WATER PROJECT                               
1) Establishing bore wells:

During the months of March to June its very hot and dry in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. People often have to walk long distances to get safe drinking water. So far Uppahar has setup 15 Tubes and Bore wells to provide villager with clean and safe drinking water throughout the whole year.

The "Living Water-Project" is designed to supply fresh & cool drinking water during summer ( March to June) every year. Uppahar empathize with people that are affected by drought.

The climatic condition puts our country India in breaking record of people dying through drought and sun strokes. So Uppahar as a humanitarian organization takes this issue into consideration and comes forward to do the fine act by supplying drinking water to the public and Pass-Byers in hot summer seasons. Every year this is done by installing these facilities in the market square, Bus stops and public places hiring the local people supplying water from morning 8 AM to evening 5 PM.

Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.
Speak for them and be a righteous judge. Protect the rights of the poor and needy. 
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