Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Girls and boys are away from their village to Uppahar Children's Home. The vision of Uppahar is picked up the Marginalised children from the target communities and give them English Medium Education, Uppahar focus to give safe environment and good education to especially girl children so that they will become the bread winner for their families one day. 

Those who have family visits their family during holidays and summer vacation.
Those who has nobody, resides in the Hostel and enjoy with the home
parents with their children.
Presently, we have around 500 (girls & boys) children in our 3 Children’s Hostel i.e. Kallata -Srikakulam A.P, Dighi - Mayourbhanj and Khurda Orissa, who are looked after by 28 full time staffs. There are separate Boys’ Hostel and a Girls’ Hostel with safe environment with well furnished accommodation.
Our children are aged between  6 to 18 years and all of them come from poor families, i.e. either they are orphans, semi-orphans or from families where nobody is able or willing to nurture them. Some are rag-pickers, street children or enstangled in child-labour for their livelihood.
Most of the children come to us when they are aged between 6 and 8 years. Some of the children need to be coddled up with vitamin courses after arriving, as they are brought from such a bad, physical condition. All new children get vaccinated. Every child gets one glass of milk every evening and 2 eggs per week and vegetables throughout the week. Every Sunday they have meal with either chicken or fish. There are 2 paediatricians in the surrounding area of our home, who visits when it is necessary. The children get new clothes, 1 colour dress and 2 uniform a year.

We have a sponsorship programme for each of our children who are supported for one to one sponsor. The sponsor regularly receives photos and letters from “their” child and is encouraged to write as well keeping in touch with the child they are sponsoring. For more information about the sponsorship programme, please click on the “Get involved” link. Presently there are about 100 children without personal sponsor of our 3 children home. 

Our children receive a good overall provision at our home. They get regular meals, clothes, medical treatment and educational aids. They can grow up in a friendly atmosphere with safe environment without being forced to live in constant fear of where they will get food for the next day..

 In order to enable these children a better future and a life beyond the poverty line, they attend the Carmel English Medium School, where they can stay up to 12th grade. Afterwards, many of them start  vocational training or even go for their further study at college,
depending on their personal skills and achievements. In the end, many of them will be able to find a proper job and provide for the living for their parents and families. It is our ambitious goal and vision to strengthen the community to accompany them for as long as it is necessary until they are able to stand on their own feet seeing the financial stability of Uppahar. 

Each child will also learn about the deeper spiritual life based on abundant life and that they are not an unmeant, bothersome being, but are loved by God and that their life has a purpose and meaning. 

They are encouraged to take care of themselves and other children around them that is the vision of Uppahar, helped from other and return to other, who are less privileged. 
As the Boy's Hostel become small at Khurda to house many  more children. So there needed to setup in another place to accommodate the High school and Senior Secondary school boys. 

This serves two purposes one for the poor and neglected children and directly taken care to meet their physical, educational, socio emotional and moral needs. The other purpose is to educate and make them to stand as an example in their respective villages for its total changes. With this vision Uppahar has set up these hostel programs in three places.

They are encouraged to take care of themselves and other children, who are less skilled or less strong than themselves.
We have a Boys’ Hostel and a Girls’ Hostel. The second floor of the Girls’ Hostel still needs to be completed, as you can see on the picture.
Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.
Speak for them and be a righteous judge. Protect the rights of the poor and needy. 


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